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Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2015
WOW!!! That was probably my favorite book in the series. I simply loved every single word in it. The story is so intriguing and captivating that I really didn't feel the time flying. It was like I started reading and the next moment I looked, I was already fifty percent in :) The book is quite a lot of fun to read with lot of humor and fun that will leave you belly laughing for the bigger part of it. But there are also heartbreaking and painful scenes that really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. In addition to that, there are quite a few romantic and super hot scenes that are just the perfect cherry on top :)

Noah and Libby are quite interesting characters. They are very well developed and have depth that makes them feel quite real. They are fun and have their quirks and feelings, their problems and demons. And in some way Noah and Libby are just perfect for each other. Even though they are both impulsive and some times irresponsible, when they are together, they just complement each other and inspire each other to be better in each aspect of their lives. It is true that they had to go to quite a few hurdles before finally finding the calmness and happiness they both craved, but most of their stepping stones were quite fun to read about. Of course, their path wasn't peppered only with happy experiences. There were the heartbreaking moments of each one of them doubting themselves and also the painful ones of them reliving their pasts and the ghosts that chase them. Thankfully with each others support and a little help from their friends and family, they manage to conquer their fears. And as a bonus to that, Noah is pretty hot :D With his slightly unruly "just-out-of-bed" dark brown hair and long-lashed mesmerizing dark brown eyes sparkling with mischief, he will definitely elevate your breathing. I mean, he is simply pantie melting :) And with her long dark hair, rich brown eyes and clear olive skin, Libby is the perfect compliment to Noah's hotness :)

In my opinion, one of the best things in this book, was the combination of Gram and Nana Ruby. Each one of them in her own right are hilarious. But both of them together are just out of this world. With their antics and crazy behavior, they give a humorous and light feeling to the whole book that just makes it all that more fun to read :) And in addition to that, I got the chance to revisit with the couples with the previous books and see how they are doing after their nuptials :)

As a whole, I loved reading the book. It was a lot of fun with just a touch of heartbreak and pain but that made it that much better. I think Noah and Libby were my favorite couple in the series. There was just something so endearing about them, that I just couldn't resist letting them in my heart. And the bonus was having both Grams and Nana Ruby in the story :) That was definitely a blast. The only thing I am sorry about is, that was the last book in the series. But I still can't wait to find out what Denise Grover Swank will come up with next :)

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