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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019
So even as an experienced PC builder, I made a fairly critical error when buying this memory. Nothing that damaged the system or anything. Hell, it didn't even fail to boot. The memory itself installed perfectly fine and the system posted without an issue.

Upon booting into Windows though, I noticed the memory was running at only 2133MHz which is quite a bit lower than what I paid extra for. Figured the motherboard just didn't detect the higher speed. Not entirely uncommon. So I went into the UEFI Bios and enabled the XMP profile which automatically detected the memory, adjusted the voltage, etc. Promising stuff. That was until I saved and restarted the computer. It failed to post three times before dipping into safe-mode.

Mind you I'm using a Prime X70-Pro, so I decided to check the QVL for the board and was disappointed to see it wasn't listed under Ryzen 2nd Gen support. Massive oversight on my part. Fortunately Amazon is cool about returning it for a kit supported by the motherboard, but I'm writing this on the off chance I could save someone else the hassle.

Long story short: Check your motherboards QVL for compatibility with the CPU you're planning on installing in it. The system will absolutely boot and run perfectly fine. But if you're paying the extra premium for 3200MHz memory and the board doesn't support it, you're literally throwing your money away.

Again, for clarification. Nothing was physically wrong with the memory and I whole heartedly admit this was a mistake on my part. I'm only posting this to hopefully save someone else the inconvenience of my rookie mistake.
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