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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2013
I truly believe this to be the best Call of Duty title every released. The repetitiveness of the gameplay from newer COD titles make it harder to hold my attention during multiplayer, even for the time required to unlock all of the items. But even though there are much fewer guns to play with than the more recent titles, that stays consistent with the relevant armaments of that period of warfare. There is still a amazingly large multiplayer community, with over THREE HUNDRED dedicated servers still running. However, half of these are plagued by ridiculous rules, and the amount of "tactical" servers is disgusting. While my opinion is that those players should choose a more relevant game instead of imitating Red Orchestra, the normal servers for this game remain to be vibrant, fun, and paced at a blistering speed that left a mark on the market. And we can't forget the original Zombies game.
However, in my opinion, the true gem incased in this massive jewelry case is the campaign. Gritty, violent, shocking, and spectacular, the maps in this game beat the entire Modern Warfare series in size, and the campaign environment is as varied as it is immersive.
Back to the gritty aspect, this remains the only relevant Call of Duty game with enhanced gore. And gibs. As a longterm UT player, this doesn't quite measure up, but it is nowhere near as gorey. As a gamer, it is very sickeningly entertaining to watch my legs get ripped from my body by a grenade or stray tank shell. While this game does have tanks, the gameplay is rather unrewarding, which is echoed by the general lack of multiplayer servers supporting vehicles. Overall, a very fun game that is still widely played.
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