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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2016
I have to say when I started reading this, I wondered if I had picked up the right book.
Had I missed something? I was sure I had picked up the next book in the series, and I know that nothing that serious had happened at the end of the last book. But here was Jason and Lucky, alone, running a cargo hauling operation on a different vessel, rather than the Phoenix. So what happened to the rest of the crew and the ship?
I soon realised that I had the right book, but this one was going to be different, and that something catastrophic had happened to the crew. And that made this one of the most interesting reads in the series yet, as I was instantly drawn in to know what had happened to everyone. It shows just how good Dalzelle’s writing is, that you have such a connection to the crew of the Phoenix that you must find out what has happened to them.
On top of that, his writing is so good, that you are instantly sucked into the story of what happened.
In the middle of all of this, there is an overarching plot that Jason and Lucky have stumbled across. A young girl, Kalette, who is the First Attendant to the Heir to the Throne of the Empire, stows aboard their ship in an attempt to flee captors.
We soon learn that the Heir, the Netjere, has been captured and the future of the Galaxy is possibly in peril, for if the Netjere is killed, it could mean a Galactic war.
And this is where the book really ramps up.
I'm not going to give anything away, no spoilers, but as usual, Dalzelle gives us another exceptional story that is action packed, thrilling, with brilliant characters, and most importantly of all, a lot of fun.
And this is what makes Dalzelle stand out – his books are a lot of fun, as reading should be.
Although his books do have a serious edge at times, and they certainly have the battles and fights that we expect in this sort of genre, but it fully entwined with a generous amount of humour, wit and some really clever banter between the crew that will have you in stiches.
As with the other books, the Character work is outstanding. There is a lot of work in this genre, and this is another reason that Dalzelle so easily stands out, His creative, fascinating and engaging characters that are so realistic, so in-depth, and so very emotive. Dalzelle uses his characters to easily convey to the reader the nature of the situation, the emotional state of his character, and he does it with such consummate ease. You really feel like you know these people, and are there with them in the room.
With each book, the writing gets stronger, and the story of Omega Force gets more interesting, this book and the series are amazing, and a must read for any Sci-Fi fan.
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