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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2016
Letter spacing is usually too far apart for the small size of the letters, so it ends up looks like s p a c e s b e t w e e n l e t t e r s which makes it annoying to read. I say usually because the letter spacing is not always consistent, even more annoying. Also there is vertical flutter, meaning sometimes the letters shift up and down slightly which just looks terrible

Compared to my ancient Avery label maker, this one sucks but I can't reliably find the old 1/2" tape anymore ;(

Updated review: I'm now on my 4th roll and this cheap piece of junk has become worthless, mainly because of the feeding mechanism. First it started not advancing the tape enough after cuts, so unless I started each label with a blank space, the first letter would have the first 1/3 cut off. Then it started jamming, where it didn't advance the tape and 2 letters were stamped on top of each other. I've tried taking the take out and re-feeding it in, which sometimes temporarily solves the problem but half the time it feeds the tape INSIDE the wheel instead of out the exit slot. Also I've had to start pressing the handle with all my strength or the stamp is weak and letters like B are missing the left vertical line, making it look more like a weird 3.

Its a shame that its so difficult to find 1/2" tape because my old embossing labeler from the 90s still works great. I would gladly pay 2-3x the price of this for one that actually holds up over time like the old school ones. but if this is the quality of what Dymo puts out, I will never waste my money on another product of theirs again
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