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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2010
This book was exciting, adventerous, filled with suspense and I ultimately loved it, however here are a few minor critiques...
1. The two main characters Sadie and Carter are running for their lives from egyptian monsters and gods priveously thought to be deceased or myth. They find help from strangers who somehow know everthing about thier past, but refuse to tell them anything leaving them in the dark about who they really are for nearly half the book, problem is it also leaves the reader in the dark and what was supposed to come off as suspence very quickly just becomes annoying.
2. While I am far more familiar with Greek History it was easy to keep up with who's who of the various God's and monsters in the Olympian Series. I am not so with Egyptian myths and ledgends so it made it difficult to keep all the characters straight in this book. Plus all of the monsters are hybrids of at least three different creatures which makes them hard to picture.
pg 256: you could almost mistake it for a huge greyhound except for the tail and the head. The tail was reptialian, forked at the end with triangular points, like squid tentacles...the creature's head was the strangest part, they stuck straight up like rabbit ears but were shapped more like ice cream cones... the snout was long and curved like an anteater's - only anteaters don't have razor-sharp teeth. It's eyes were glowing.
Carter does us all a favor and nicknames this creature Leroy.
So ultimately I recommend reading this book quickly so details don't become far between, and have your computer near by so you can look up name pronounciation and even creature pictures. But then again if you are more familiar with Egyptian Mythology than I (which wouldn't be difficult) you shouldn't have a problem as Rick Riordan is still a fantastic author.
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