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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2020
I'm no electrician, and quite honestly, haven't needed a solder kit/iron for many years. After trying to borrow my Dad's solder iron, that just didn't warm up, I decided, what da heck, I'll just buy one. I just needed a solder iron, with solder, and needed some heat shrink tubing, for a small job. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm just an average person trying to solder a few wired things here and there, and am in no way doing big electrical projects or jobs.

For $8, this kit does all I need! The kit comes with a small ziplock baggy of heat shrink tubing of various sizes, solder, a bunch of doohickeys I don't really care about, and even a small paper-thin sponge. Everything worked fine. I did have to crank up the wattage to get the solder iron to heat up the wires so I can melt solder on top of it, but overall, it was great. The only bad thing is, don't laugh, opening the solder tube. For the life of me, I tried unscrewing, twisting, pulling, tapping, tugging, bumping the cap, and it did not come off. After 30-minutes (yes, I'm serious) I grabbed the tiny flat head, which came in the kit, and pried the sucker off.
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