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Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2020
I didn’t realize the hardcover was a pop up “snow globe edition. I would have preferred a simple book. I absolutely love this book, and have owned it before. My kids tore up our paper edition through use, so I repurchased the hardcover thinking it would be sturdier. It is a pop up, and it’s beautiful, but I’m just worried it will be fragile. I’m keeping it but I’d have preferred a sturdy copy to a pretty copy.

For those that said that the story is boring...we do a lot of hand motions to make it fun and they LOVE it. We clap to the beat. We stomp through the “mud” and we pretend to splash our feet through “the river”. We fall down through “the forest” and we always end the book by covering our heads with a blanket like we are hiding from a bear.

The storyline of “hunting a bear” doesn’t bother me. It’s a story about a family going for a walk while pretending to hunt for (look for) a bear, not expecting to find one. They’re not trying to literally hunt down a bear. When they do accidentally find a bear the family in the story run back through the terrain they’ve just come through. For my kids, that means we get to stomp, fall over, splash, etc all over again, but quickly the second time through as the family in the story runs home. All 4 of my kids have loved it from about age 2 on up. It’s a fun story if you use your imagination and make it fun.
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4.8 out of 5
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