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Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2019
Eye-opening true story of Abby Johnson’s experience working at Planned Parenthood. The movie is well done with great acting by Ashley Bratcher as Abby Johnson and Robia Scott as Cheryl, the clinic director. Abby’s story begins with her heartfelt desire to help women which led to working at the clinic and her journey from believing abortion is necessary to suddenly having a horror of the procedure. The movie shows seeds of her inner struggle as she sees inconsistencies of Planned Parenthood’s methods, has two abortions herself and is even pregnant while working at the clinic. Abby is determined to stick with her beliefs in spite of these experiences until her heart is changed when seeing an abortion via ultrasound.

The movie portrays both sides with respect. The patients at the clinic are portrayed as women seeking help in a difficult situation and are not treated in a judgmental way for considering an abortion. It shows the clinic workers and abortion protestors in both good and bad light. Some protestors do not have real compassion towards patients while others are seen truly caring about the women. The clinic director is harsh with Abby at times and particularly after she questions a Planned Parenthood procedure at a seminar. The abortion facility looks clean and efficient while the workers at the clinic appear like typical employees you’d encounter at a medical office.

The movie Unplanned had limited show times in our area and unfortunately was removed from theaters while still doing well at the box office. The ‘R’ rating is surprising to me and is unjustified given I’m a lightweight and cannot even handle the violence of many ‘PG-13’ films. The only difficult parts to watch are when Abby aborts her baby at home after taking an abortion pill, a young woman suffers during a botched abortion procedure at the clinic and when Abby witnesses an abortion on the ultrasound monitor.

This movie is highly effective since its based on an actual autobiography and shows Abby’s transition from supporting abortion to suddenly struggling with the issues surrounding the procedure after many years of justifying it within herself. I learned several new things from this movie and didn’t know that Planned Parenthood employees escort women from their cars to the facility so they are not influenced by abortion protestors. This is an important movie to see if you care about women who must make the heart wrenching decision of whether to keep or abort their babies because it reveals the inner workings of an abortion facility and shows what happens to women during the entire abortion process. The fact that this story is told from a former clinic director’s experience during her eight years at Planned Parenthood makes it very compelling.
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