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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2020
No matter the handheld the ergonomics are always horrible. I decided to go with this grip after finally buying a Vita and finding games on it that were actually really good, to the point I could play for hours. Didn't want to deal with the pain of holding the thing like I did my PSP for all these years. This grip looked the best out of all I looked at, especially since I could still access all ports and buttons. Some others cover the whole bottom and you can't charge, really?! Not so with this one. My system stays locked in really well, and it's much nicer to hold. The little kickstand pegs are a nice touch, but really only for watching movies. Tap near the top and it'll fall back still, but I've got a nice portable stand for my tablet I just use. The plastic is kind of cheap feeling, not as noticeable once on the system though. And the seams are kind of "sharp", but a couple minutes with a dremel or even a nail file will smooth things out nicely. Highly recommend this grip if you're busy getting an oled Vita or are looking for a new grip because your old one broke. Now to just find a case this'll fit in since I just have the Sony neoprene sleeve.
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