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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2018
This review is for those stuck between purchasing a Fire 7 or a Fire HD 8 Tablet:

Let me just get this off my chest first. I DO NOT RECOMMEND a Fire 7 AT ALL if your looking for a quality tablet that’s small and inexpensive like I was. The only reasons I can see anyone buying a Fire 7 is if it’s for a very, very young child as a starter tablet or if your an adult who will only use it to read books. Otherwise the Fire HD 8 is going to be your best bet.

The Fire HD 8 is great quality for it’s size and yes even it’s price. It’s the perfect size unlike the Fire 7 which to me really isn’t much larger in screen size than my iPhone 6+. The Fire HD 8 comes with an ample amount of storage to be able to handle whatever updates it throws at you upon setup, and that’s just the 16GB. Anything below 16GB is not enough to handle device updates and allow for storage space for much of anything. There’s not much money saved either in buying a Fire 7 8GB with a micro SD Card, been there, done that and I won’t do it again!

Now onto the fun stuff. The Fire HD 8 is HD! It has a longer battery life, downloads faster, has better sound quality and video quality than the Fire 7. It’s also easier to start up a game and actually play it than the Fire 7. Everything that is possible to do with a Fire HD 8 Tablet is much more fun and less time consuming than a Fire 7. I highly recommend the Fire HD 8 Tablet if aside from reading, gaming and watching videos is also as important.

The only problem I have encountered with both Fire Tablets is their very finicky Location Services. I would have given the Fire HD 8 Five Stars if the Location Services worked better and therefore enabled me to restore from a backup. I will always have to setup as a new device every time I upgrade a device because it takes this brand tablet almost 24 hours to find my location if it even ever does?!

With all of that being said I highly recommend the Fire HD 8 Tablet. Although it’s no iPad by any means. At times I find myself forgetting what device I’m on and that speaks volumes! If you’re like me and enjoy utilizing everything a device has to offer, this one is the only way to go for it’s compact size, the quality and the price!
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