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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2019
UPDATE (8/4/2019):
After some recent system updates, I have found that the 5 sec video may not be accessible until after someone has left the area. It was not that snappy before, but now it seems to be slower in accessing the video from my phone.
Additionally, I have had packages put on my front deck / steps that is 10 feet away from my front door and the Blink XT2 camera, but the video was never triggered. The Blink is aimed in that direction. So I have changed the sensitivity from 5 to 9, the highest. Also, I have changed the clip length to 10 seconds. We shall see how this functions.

Since I have had the Blink XT2 less than a week, I will update when I know more about how long the batteries last.


Download the app first. Once the app is downloaded, it will prompt you as to what has to be done. Use the device to take a photo of (read) the camera’s ID (QR code) OR enter the Serial Number manually.

Open the camera - Remove the back cover by holding down the gray ‘button’ while pulling the bottom of the back cover away from the camera body. It has a rubber or silicone gasket in the groove around the cover. Because it has a friction fit, it can be difficult to pry off the cover. I could put a little lube on the sealing gasket, but it might cause problems if it reacts with either the plastic or the gasket.

All synching has to be done while the camera is open, then it is put together before mounting it. The Sync module has to remain plugged into an AC outlet, so find a convenient place for the module to rest or hang.

The back cover is replaced by pressing it firmly where the posts are located until a ‘click’ is heard near each corner.

I used the base of the mount to locate and drill 2 small holes in the wood. Then I put the screws into the mount and the base and attached the mount to the house. After the base is attached, the cam is pressed onto the mount. That was the hard part.

The mount attaches to the hole in the back cover by pressing the assembled camera onto the mount. This should be done after the mount is attached to the desired location using the two screws included.

I had installed the camera as high as I could above my front door. Most of the videos showed the top of my head, nothing as to identifying me from my face. So I thought I would move it a little lower, still above the door; and as I turned the camera so I could use a long screwdriver to remove the screws, it came off the mount and fell onto the floor. Apparently, it suffered no ill effects. Perhaps the very warm temperatures made the plastic loose enough for it to come off easily. I would like to have a more secure mounting system. I have ordered a mount that has a cover to hold Blink XT2 securely.

At bottom of the Home screen of the app, be sure to slide the switch so that it says Armed.
Had to go into settings (not labeled as that) and ENABLE motion sensor. On the Home screen of the app, the serial number of the camera is printed less than halfway down and on the left. On the right side, a symbol of three lines appears. Press this and it opens Camera Settings. This is where Enable is located for MOTION DETECTION.

The video length can be set but the default is 5 seconds. It can be turned on for Live View which is almost continuous recording. 

In the next week, I will attempt to “see” what is happening at my front door. I am hoping there will be no problem getting notifications when someone comes to my front door.

In a location that has no Wi-Fi access and spotty cell coverage, I was able to view the delivery person bringing my package to my door.

The mount I ordered is a two-piece plastic enclosure that is attached to an aluminum base that is attached to the wall using 3 screws. First I drilled 3 pilot holes (5/64" drill bit) for the screws. They were tightened using a manual screwdriver so the aluminum would not crack. I plugged the hole on the bottom of the case where the USB cable could be used to charge rechargeable batteries. The foam that is used to package the Blink is too dense and stiff, so I used some closed-cell foam that came with another product.
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