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Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2019
by Thomas Merton

Reading Merton’s autobiography, “The Seven Story Mountain“ really took me to a new level. As a child I was very precocious and wanted to be an adult so fast. I wanted the trappings and the clothes and the cocktails and the charge cards that adults had. I was in love with secularism. And I lived the kind of early adult life where I really went as far with secularism as a person can go.

Then I explored about 20 other things, and eventually, I found myself at an impasse. I tried to figure out how to turn the impasse into a crossroads and how to decide what road to take. And I was totally stuck. I did not want to go forward.

And at some point I did figure out on my own that I wanted to go deeper. But I didn’t know what the hell that meant. That’s where Thomas Merton saved my ass. In his autobiography he gave moments of explanation about contemplation and the contemplative life. I didn’t have anything like that on my radar really. And this Book was all about what that kind of life looks like and how ones goes about it and what treasures one can find.

It is so wonderful to discover that the reason I wasn’t interested in anything anymore was not because I was jaded, or spoiled or depressed. It is because I had reached a whole new level and needed a whole new game plan but I had no vocabulary I had no road marks. I had no map. Now I get it.

Thankyou Thomas Merton from a closer Contemplative!
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