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Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2021
I've been adhering to the lectin free diet for 7 months and got this book among 3 to help me from the get go.

First, a third of the book is an explanation of the diet and has no recipes - a waste for me since I already had Gundry's Plant Paradox book.
Second, a lot of recipes are wrong ("Sweet Potato Noodle Lasagna on pg 136 is NEVER going to fit in a pan you place inside a instapot, the "Not-Too-Spicy Tikka Masala" on pg 132 is a soupy mess, and the "Study Sandwich Bread" on pg 164 only works if you divide the dough and place part in a much smaller bread pan than in the instructions and use the rest for buns or what have you, and these are just a few examples).
Third, while I get that many may want options for traditional foods that are lectin free, some of these are nutritional bombs ("Quick Baguette" on pg 185 is includes 50% pure starch in the flours used, a cup of cheese, plus milk and 3 eggs) and should carry a warning label such as "to be consumed rarely in small quantities".
Fourth, and most important, this book is going to be useless to a lot of people who don't have access to speciality stores (lots of recipes for buffalo mozzarella here) and are trying to cook for a family on a budget (a pastured chicken is going to cost you $25-$40 for a single bird folks!).

It gets 2 stars only because it did serve a purpose while I was trying to get started, and did give me ideas about how to make substitutions and modifications to excellent recipes I already have to make them compliant with the lectin free diet.
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