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Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2020
I've used Macs since 2013, and have used several external keyboards for work (connecting Mac to an external monitor). The 1st generation external magic keyboard was great. The key give was great, creating a pleasant, reliable typing experience.

This 2nd generation keyboard, however, is the same as the new Mac laptop keyboards using the butterfly setup.

The keys barely travel at all, which makes typing very difficult. I spent 8-10 hours a day typing and working at a computer. The new keyboards are terrible, and Apple really needs to change them.

In addition, on the newer keyboards Apple changed the layout of the arrow keys, moving from a traditional inverted T to a rectangle, and I find it very difficult to use. With the older T setup, I can easily find the arrow keys and use them without looking. With the newer ones, it's much harder and I find myself repeatedly hitting the wrong button.

If I didn't have my older 1st generation external keyboard, I would have found a way to switch from Mac to Windows just because the typing experience is so horrible. Yes, I would rather have switched operating systems and learned a whole new system than use that keyboard, that's how terrible it is.

Apple really needs to bring back the older typing experience, because they are literally losing customers over it.

Once Windows fully implements the Linux subsystem and I have access to all the power of Linux on a Windows machine, I will have no reason to ever use a Mac laptop again. Apple's products have declined over time instead of improved, and their prices keep going up for a worse product.

I don't recommend this 2nd generation keyboard, but instead recommend you buy the 1st generation keyboard, which is a great product.
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