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Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2014
I saw there were really good reviews on this book and yes, the beginning of this book is silly and fun. However, there is a chapter in the middle that scared my 8-year old son so much he quite reading the book and couldn't sleep that night. I must preface, we do not let our son watch anything scary on tv, he's only 8, so this chapter was very traumatizing to him. It starts out silly with a sea-monkey turning into a mermaid. It then gets a little too adult when the mermaid wants him to live with her and get married and in order to get married they have to kiss. When the mermaid thinks no one is looking she has turned into a scary sea monster with tentacles coming out of her head, big buck teeth and horrific face. The monster goes onto to say things like:

"I'll lure him down beneath the water, and then his body I will slaughter. Oh, how I'll enjoy devouring him- I'll tear him apart, limb from limb. I'll eat his eyes and ears and noes and suck the marrow from his toes. I'll crush his puny pea-brained head and grind his bones to make my bread."

Later, she does try to attack the two boys and tries to eat them, but the boys win by using their shrink machine. I'm just surprised no on has mentioned this part in the reviews. I just want to warn parents who might not want their child reading that.
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