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Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2019
What a wonderful encore to Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox! That book and the wisdom he expressed in it turned my life around. I have largely calmed my IBS, lost 40 pounds although I was not technically even “overweight”, and feel so much better now. [See my review under “Tom G” of The Plant Paradox.] Now I am on to 8:16 fasting and doing even better!

Over the past two years I have avidly followed a wide range of Functional or Integrative Medicine (FM) leaders – amongst them Hyman, Wahls, Bredesen, Perlmutter, Cummins/Gerber, Fung, Wolfson, Brownstein, Cowan, Pizzorno, Tennant, Naiman, Seyfried, Christofferson, Patrick, Mercola, Amen, Lane, Myhill, Kalish, Asprey, Marchegiani, and many more. I have read their books and watched many if not most of their YouTube videos. Incidentally, all these authors’ books ought to be required reading in any medical school curriculum.

Each of these FM gurus are superb. Because some of them come at FM from a particular background, no one has done a better job of painting the converging field of functional medicine than Dr. Gundry does in The Longevity Paradox. Gundry has captured the essence of quality nutrition and (self) health care in this informative easy-to-read book. It helps if you have read The Plant Paradox, but it is not necessary to have done so as most of the information in The Plant Paradox is summarized in The Longevity Paradox.

There is much new in Gundry’s latest book, from the lessons he continues to learn in caring for his patients and in routinely testing their blood and other biomarkers every three months, to what he has gleaned from the latest scientific papers published throughout the world. He also includes a chapter on supplements and for inspiration throws in a listing of the 79 he currently takes. Yikes, I only take 22!

Buy this book. Read and digest this book. Follow Dr. Gundry’s advice. You will not regret it! Neither will your microbiome.
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