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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2017
I shred junk mail like it's a part time job. Seriously, someone must've been trolling my family and I and signed us up for every freakin' mailer available to my area and a few randos for good measure.

Still living pre-00's and have wall to wall carpeting everywhere? No problem! Little wheels work on my slightly shaggy carpet no problem. YAY!

The unit is quite tall but fits comfortably under my desk and it's not that high, maybe a tad higher than your average banquet table. Bonus: You can sit your lazy bum in your computer chair and not have to bend so far to feed the shredder. I say that's a win any day.

Best quality: It's QUIET. Didn't realize how loud and rumbly my 3-ish year-old Walmart special was until I plugged in this guy. Super happy about that! No longer scaring my poor hamster with the shredder from hell.

All in all so far it's a great product!
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