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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2016
I loved this protein powder before they changed the formula. For 23 grams of powder, you got 17 grams of protein. On that package, the information states "BV (Biological Value) provides a measurement of how efficient the body utilizes the protein consumed in the diet. The human body is using the Organic RAW Protein to 98.2% efficiency which compares very similarly to animal proteins, and is far superior to other vegetarian proteins such as pea protein at 48% BV and soy protein at 57% BV."

Why on earth did they need to change the formula from what they had? The previous formula was great - great flavor, great protein to calorie ratio, and 28 servings per 624G container was cost effective. This new formula has 22 grams of protein in it (a 30% increase as it states on the bottle), but the serving size is now 31 grams (a 40% increase), and it no longer talks about the biological value because their number one ingredient in this new formula is Pea Protein (remember, that 48% BV that their old formula was superior to? Well, it's not anymore). And now that 624G bottle gets you 20 servings. But did the price decrease with the servings? Oh no! Of course not!

Beyond the changes that they made that both jacked up the calories and serving size while reducing the amount of protein per calorie, the new flavor is terrible. It tastes like peas. This is why I did not go with pea protein in the first place - the taste is awful. So I absolutely do NOT recommend this new version of protein powder by Garden of Life. If they resurrect the old formula - that one gets 5 stars. This one is terrible. What a disappointing turn in events.
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