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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2017
Finally got around to reading this and was not disappointed. But not blown away either. The overall plot seems to meander a bit and while the characters are memorable (but rarely likeable) I didn't find myself deeply concerned for the happiness of any of them. Then again, that's PKD. There are no clear heroes or villains. And at times the whole thing feels like a drawn-out meditation on the meaning of - what exactly - celebrity? power? love? time? existence? All of the above, maybe.

The biggest critique I have is that the choices and behavior of some of the characters seems so erratic at times that it disrupts the flow. The strange cat-and-mouse game between the protagonist and the police kept my attention but the constant intro and outro of one psychotic, tragic, or dislikable character after another didn't really seem to help the plot along that much. But again, that's not unusual for PKD.

Despite its issues, it somehow all works, and makes the time spent reading it rewarding in its own way. Dick has always been able to work magic and turn what would otherwise be odd bits and pieces of philosophy, futurism, and social commentary into something entertaining and thought-provoking. The bottom line is that if you like the PKD style, you'll enjoy Flow My Tears.
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