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Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2013
(Okay, you'll have to forgive the terrible pun in my title!)

Welcome to the land of magic, the realm of gods and demons and mystical creatures, and say hello to some really powerful kids!

The Kane siblings, Carter and Sadie, are used to being less than normal. Their mom died years ago. Their mom's parents fought to make Sadie live with them, while Carter traveled the world with his professor-ish father and lived out of a suitcase. They only saw each other two times a year!

This all changes when, on a scheduled visit with Sadie, the world gets flipped upside down -- their dad rushes them to a museum, blows up the Rosetta Stone, releases five Egyptian gods, and then is locked in a golden sarcophagus and stolen away in front of them. Carter and Sadie are thrust into a new world -- where magic reigns supreme, where animals are more than they seem, and where the power of the pharaohs and the gods rushes through their veins.

Discovering that Set, Egyptian god of darkness, chaos, and all that is evil, has been released and has taken their father -- and more importantly is planning to destroy their world, Carter and Sadie embark on a world-crossing adventure through a modern day world filled with ancient Egyptian magics.

This is a fun, exciting romp through mythology (which I love, especially Egyptian and Greek/Roman!). While it's a "YA" (young adult) story, it's pretty fun for anyone who likes a little magic and fantasy and silliness in their stories.

Looking forward to reading the Percy Jackson series (about the Greek gods) and the other two books in this Egyptian/Kane trilogy.
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