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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018
After remembering the movie, which I watched when I was very young, and did not understand at all, and having a very boring summer, I decided to order this book to revisit a story that I oftentimes remembered, but did not ever understand. However, I got the book, and never got around to reading it until the end of July, where I read in small increments, and finished in October.
Being something I often remembered, reading this story reconnected me to many things I “subconsciously” stored from when I watched the movie, such as the transformation of one of the main characters, David Bowman, into the Starchild, which was a transformation, as well as name, I remembered for a while, but not quite sure where it came from. However, after finally finishing the book, I would say this book definitely improved upon my childhood’s loose interpretation of the story, and surpassed my expectations in just about every way. Going back to the transformation of Bowman into the Starchild, a good example of this book’s excellence, Bowman, who has been one of the main characters throughout the story, ends the story with one last act of characterization that ties his whole character together, becoming the Starchild, which is a very good end to his story after finally defeating the evergrowingly sentient AI that has control over his ship, as well as receiving the true purpose of the mission that was given to him shortly before his transformation. All in all, I would recommend this book to anybody, of any age group, so long as character deaths, and possibly even seriously deep thought of our universe, is okay, that is looking for a piece to read that is truly enjoyable, and promotes thinking, as well as people, like myself, who enjoy science fiction and space exploration.
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