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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2020
I received the phone yesterday and spent some time getting it setup and running through everything. I've outlined some points below but overall I would say its a solid phone with regards to the build and the software. Up front, my service is AT&T and I didn't have any trouble popping my old SIM in and having full functionality (Voice and Data) on the network.

Android 9: The Armor 6E runs on an older Android OS so it's a little behind. Coming from a phone that was running the latest version took a little getting used to. That being said, I haven't encountered any issues with the older OS regarding functionality or security patches.

Weight: It is on the heavy side so just know that. The phone is designed for functionality and durability, not trendiness. It has a solid battery that will get you through a full day of heavy use without charging. Heavy use being loads of streaming, gaming, video calling. Anything less and you will likely be able to get multiple days use on a single charge.

Buttons: Some people have commented about the button locations. I would say that the locations are fine, pretty standard. The thing that I've noticed about them is that there is very little resistance to them being depressed. This can cause the power/screen-lock and volume buttons to be pressed accidentally.

Camera: I don't take a lot of pictures but from the testing I've done, the camera works and the pictures are quality for me. I'm not a photographer but the pictures this phone produces I would be willing to have printed and posted.

Biometrics: The fingerprint reader is a bit small and may not be the most accurate but I haven't had much issue with it. It will usually unlock on the second attempt if not the first. The face recognition is really good though. It took a couple seconds to setup and it flawlessly unlocks my phone when I need it to.

SD Card: Loaded the SD card into the phone and was able to designate it as expanded internal storage (other option is for removeable storage) which allowed for more dedicated internal memory. If you plan on removing the SD card frequently you will want to configure it for removable. Doing this though will only allow for things like pictures and files to be stored on the SD Card.

Launcher: I loaded in the Microsoft Launcher and it works great. I haven't tested any other launchers so I can't comment on their reliability/functionality. I came from a Windows phone, 2 phones ago, and have always just stuck with this launcher and it works great. Any OS designs I didn't like with the Android 9 layout were essentially overwritten by the MS Launcher.

Additional Features: There are a bunch of additional features built into this phone that I think are really great, depending on what you use it for. There's a Game Mode where you can identify all the games loaded onto the phone and when running them through the app you can disable all other distractions. Deep Clean allows you to close all your apps and clear the RAM that was being utilized. Underwater Mode disables the touch screen and changes the functions of the buttons for improved use. Tool Bag is a shortcut to a slew of tools that are really useful for different situations (hanging pictures, gradient, height measurement, compass, and others).

Respond if you have specific questions and I'll attempt to answer. All in all, I would recommend this phone at this point. I will update as things progress.
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