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Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2019
I had a few gift card laying around that I wanted to use for back to school on my kids, parents can understand that school supplies will cost you. Well Amazon will take a 1.00 out of you gift card balance for their cut. OK I'm not for people or company's for doing things for free. However the customer service "person" didn't tell me this so. long story sort my gift card keep getting declined. After the 5th time I just bagged it. I called the gift card company and they told me what was going on. I was trying to trade 100.00 of my gift card for a 100.00 for one of Amazons e-gift card. But I couldn't do that. If was told this I would have put down 99.00 and I wouldn't have been declined 5 times and I would have my stuff and Amazon would have their money. If your doing a normal credit card it will show up as a 101.00 purchases. No big deal if you have 101.00 in the bank or 101.00 on a gift card. Thanks Amazon for giving me the heads up and for taking my money.
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