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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2018
This humidifier has some big pros and a few big cons. Pros-- runs fairly quietly, very easy to take out the water tray and dump [even has a handle], the cord is a decent length, filter is easy to remove and clean. Has little wheels on the bottom, electronic push button settings for continuous/turbo/setting the humidity level. Nice autoshutoff when full and I like how you can attach a hose at the back to automatically dump into a drain or bucket. Their customer service is also fantastic when I had issues, I spoke to a real, intelligent person and they replaced a defective one, no problem.
Cons: the auto defrost does not work well/at all. It is supposed to come on by itself, and the few times I have seen that happen, it is when there is no frost and it's not that cold. Conversely, I have taken the filter off many times to find the back coated with white frost, and the autodefrost was not turned on. You have to babysit it in that respect-- unless it's dead hot summer, you'll have to check it everyday so it doesn't burn out from the frost.

Huge con-- the plastic base to screw on the hose is apparently attached to the machine and is not a part that can be replaced. Mine broke off, and they had to replace the whole thing instead of just one small part. Really stupid, considering the machine still worked.
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