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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2015
Of Gregg Olsen as an author, I've only read this one book and multiple reviews of this and some other of his novels. I echo the critical reviews of this and those: that is, (1) you LOVE the first couple of chapters; (2) you're annoyed at the lack of character development and they're unimaginatively stereotyped (i.e., strong women/wicked women, men with bad moustaches); (3) you HATE how the endings are ABRUPT and PUZZLING and UNSATISFYING. This appears to be his playbook. I dunno, again, as the book started out great -- you really are intrigued with the story of the burning home, the burning of a dream and a life, the impact on a character you're really caring about -- then, it goes downhill. The characters become stiltingly predictable and, worst of all, the conclusion is abrupt, puzzling and dumb, as if the author lost interest and just sewed up the ending like he would darn the toe of an uninteresting sock. So, I'd just say if you're on a plane to, um I dunno, Las Vegas, and need an interesting 2 hours of reading but don't give a care about the ending, and can, in fact, do as I do, make up endings to books in which you've lost interest, then this is a book for you!
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