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Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2012
Do not mind the first pages with the cannabis activism. Skip them completely and....
there you are...
A new way to think and act with your body.
It is not only the nice techniques presented in that book, is that it challenges you to start thinking outside the box. This way I decided to start experimenting with whatever I was taught (and not only with the techniques of Eddie Bravo but with all the BJJ techniques) and thus enhancing my game.

P.S. One very useful part is the chapter troubleshooting the moves described in the previous chapters where it demonstrates the counter or additional moves you have to do when your opponent has a very tight defense.

P.S. It helped also my Gi game although is no-gi oriented.

P.S. I am a short and further-weight fighter (165cm, 60Kgs) and I find that the rubber guard is quite useful when fighting heavier people (almost everybody in my gym). It allows me to hold their heads and neck down and not allowing them taking a posture far away of my reach (my arms are comparable short since I am only 165 cm) that limit my choices of attacks.
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