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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2021
Once again, I am in awe of author Renee Rose’s ability to tell what is billed as both a Crime Thriller and a Multi-Cultural romance with such perfection that by its end, readers will feel assured that the romance they have just lived with her compelling characters has taken them to the highest level of the most BLISS-filled nirvana ever felt by a reader! While I dubbed the first book in this series “Sheer PERFECTION!” the amazingly detailed ending of THE FIXER had me whispering the same thought as I read the last sentence! Perfection is what readers see in every romance Ms. Rose touches because that is how this author rolls. She puts together the most unlikely couples, has them fall in lust, and before her readers’ eyes, Ms. Rose turns them into fascinatingly endearing characters, worthy of this incredible unconditional love they have found. Then through compelling action and circumstance, she has those same readers totally convinced that the ONLY way these two characters will survive is to work together, admit their love for each other, and without question stand together against the foe bent on destroying their hope of a life wrapped in each other’s arms. Like Ravil and Lucy from The Director, Sasha and Maxim fit together perfectly despite the fact that her lies about him resulted in his banishment. On the surface, they are oil and water, but then author Renee Rose begins to weave her story magic. Using her eloquent and enticing prose Ms. Rose captures the focus and emotion of her readers as she weaves the story, grows her characters through angst and action wrapped in chemistry, and then accelerates their relationship through captivating events that require Sasha and Maxim to work together and trust each other. Understandably, the seemingly sudden appearance of the words “The End” is reached long before a reader is willing to leave the story’s cocoon. Leaving those same readers sad, unwilling to let go of what has become more tangible than their real lives, and longing to see more of the loving relationship the HEA has developed. THE FIXER is an incredible, erotic novel (18 and over, please) about one of those rare and compelling love stories that imprints the mind and keeps a reader smiling long after the reading is completed. I jumped to volunteer to read an advanced copy of THE FIXER, and this is my voluntary and honest 5+STAR review. Do yourself a favor and get your copy of THE FIXER today! Happy pages! 😉
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