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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2020
Tony Robinson does a wonderful job of inspiring people to watch a show which is mostly about dirt, mud, and stones. He’s an expert at corralling his fellow team members, explaining what’s going on, and pushing the team to achieve results. His personality and ability to pull experts together, then to explain to the non-archeological plebs like us, make this a truly interesting show. Not so keen on the last series. But, until then, this really was a fabulous show which you’d enjoy watching if any part of history intrigues you. To be honest, I’m not sure that I’d want them digging up my garden, but mostly, they do find amazing stuff. Do watch this. Tony Robinson is personable, although you may remember him as Baldric of the cunning plans, but really, he is just a most successful host. On the other hand, and spoken as a Philistine, archeology is basically mud/dirt and stones, plus broken pottery and stuff people threw down a toilet. Lotsa supposition. Lotsa conjecture. But also, important history. I’ve been to quite a few archeological sites. It really seems more interesting to watch folks like those in this show dig and figure it out! Plus, very cool when they teach locals about their own areas, and especially kids. Not keen on mucking around with human bones though. I’d not want someone doing this with my grandmothers’ bones. As a nurse, I have to say folks need to be respected - or why are we here? But, moving back to positive, so much new info which really matters comes out of this show. I do hope that shows don’t treat the bones of our ancestors as tv props though. Let’s give dignity to our forbears.
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