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Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2018
This little device is pretty great for the price. I was using composite cables with a converter box to hook up my Wii to my computer monitor (only has one HDMI port) before I bought this. I got this adapter in hopes to clean up the massive amounts of cords and plugs in my set up, and it worked! I was worried that this thing would be too large and heavy, and thus fall out of the console easily, but my fears have been put to rest. It is built sturdily (for the price) and it fits snugly in the console as to not flop around and fall out easy. It is fairly long, and sits about two inches out from the back of the console (I took a picture for reference), so make sure you have room around your Wii. It is definitely worth the money so far, as it allows the Wii to crawl its way into this new generation of only HDMI TVs .
DO NOTE, however, that this device does not make your Wii look any better. The Wii is old hardware, and can only output at the 480 modes. What the seller means by "adapter to 720p or 1080p" is that the Wii will use those display modes and there will likely not be black bars on the side of your TV but the graphics will not be 720 or 1080 worthy. The Wii will look the best that Wii can with the adapter (which is very good), but do not expect it to look like the PS4 or X1, as the Wii is much older hardware.
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