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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2017
Excellent so far, the author does a great job.

The PowerScore series - it is the best way to go, these guys got it right and know what they are doing. This book is informative and very helpful and I am using all three as a trilogy. Reading, Logic, and Games... Prior to buy these books I paid an independent teacher offering an in person course, with online videos and materials for around a grand offering mainly teaching and not much reading materials. These books are much better!! It is independent study but I learn better reading books, combined books with teaching it enhances learning so it could work out for you to get the course taught by PowerScore as well

I do not have the Training Collection or the Workbooks which could prove useful or could be a waste of money? I do however have all the past test previously administer from LSAC which you should buy first along with the trilogy before buying the subsequent training materials from Powerscore. But all three of these books are easy to follow and read. I have not started taking simulated practice tests yet because I am not to take point in my training schedule so I am not sure what range of point increase I will be in, I will update this with my increase in a few months.
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