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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2014
The pasta roller itself is not that bad of a product, but this attachment is terrible. The raviolis are much too small to contain any filling whatsoever. The ravioli comes out in roughly 1 inch squares. The roller you see in the picture has the ravioli pockets, but the other roller you can't see inside of this attachment is smooth. That means your ravioli will be flat on one side and have a very shallow pocket on the other side. If you want to have sausage filling, you will need to stick it in a food processor until it has almost a paste like consistency.

Even if you don't mind the mini ravioli produced, you will still run into problems breaking the ravioli apart. The rollers are too far apart even for thicker sheets of noodles. That means the seams are not adequately perforated for you to break apart. It also means that the sheets of noodles are not pressed firmly together and they easily come apart.

I have no plans to ever use this attachment again. I'd rather eat canned ravioli as disgusting as that may be than to waste my time, money, and food dealing with this attachement ever again.
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