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Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2016
On page 17 (Hardcover), Covey lists "Top Disciplinary Problems According to Public School Teachers" for 1990 in the following order: "Drug abuse, Alcohol abuse, Pregnancy, Suicide, Rape, Robbery, Assault":
(1) Drug abuse, and (2) Alcohol abuse: All my three sons were in public schools in 1990 thru 1997. None of them ever observed anyone shooting up, snorting cocaine, lighting up a joint, or drinking alcoholic beverages or being drunk in class or anywhere else in school. And these are the two biggest discipline problems?
(3) Pregnancy: What is the discipline problem? Getting pregnant during class or staying pregnant during class? Strictly speaking, a student becomes pregnant when a zygote (fertilized egg) successfully implants itself in the lining of her uterus (womb). This usually occurs (if at all) between 1 and 24 hours after intercourse. Therefore it is virtually certain that pregnancies have started while the mother-to-be was in class. But implantation gives no outward sign (until months later), so it is hard to see how it can be a discipline problem. Staying pregnant? How many students have refused to obey teachers' orders to stop being pregnant? For that matter, how many teachers have ever given such an order?
(4) Suicide. Agreed, committing suicide in class is disruptive, and should not be encouraged, but is it really an everyday occurrence?
(5) Rape: Also disruptive when committed in class, but again, is it really an everyday occurrence?
(6) Robbery: Likewise.
(7) Assault: Certainly a problem in SOME schools. Teachers, as well as other students, have been assaulted. But again, none of my sons ever witnessed even one assault IN SCHOOL.

The above list is obviously based not on fact, but on a desire to bash public schools, with two objectives: to force public schools to offer ONLY those subjects big business wants taught and to sabotage public schools so that they can be replaced by private for-profit schools. See "Why Is Corporate America Bashing Our Public Schools," by Kathy Emery and Susan Ohanian.

After reading the lies on page 17, I saw no reason to read further.
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