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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2019
I so wanted to love this kindle. However there are some things that I love about it being the size and the weight. I disagree that it is made flimsy I think it feels that way because it is smaller. But anyway...on to the problems with this fire and perhaps the first round of pre-order kindles are Guinee pigs which I don't mind if there will eventually be a satisfactory product to replace this piece of total crap...
1. Battery life is TERRIBLE
2. Screen Freezes
3. screen unresponsive
4. drops wifi connection
5. Bluetooth turns on and off all by its little self
6. Very slow browsing or maybe that is the screen freezing
7. Crashes 80% of the time this thing is so slow and unresponsive that I am so happy when I can finally open a book to read and then....crash
8. Alexa doesn't hear me half the time or she is purposelly trying to annoy the hell out of me (b*tch)

I have always been extremely happy with amazon kindles, be it an e-reader or fire tablet. I have owned and do own several there were some I had to exchange but in the end everything worked out and I was a happy kindle owner.
This kindle I am extremely disappointed with. Because I love the size, the weight, the color options and being able to switch from reading to surfing and not being cumbersome like the fire 10.
I will be exchanging mine and hope I don't get one of the other unsatisfied customers refurbished piece of crap.

Update...received my replacement kindle so far so good but..the other one worked good for about a week. Will post further updates.
I do have to say that customer service was awesome. My exchange was not a problem. Thanks for that amazon and keeping fingers crossed on my replacement.

Final update... may 30 2020, the only thing i use this for is audiobooks. Would not recommend this to anyone.
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