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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2016
It's a few years post apocolypse and the world is rebuilding by going after the guy that started it all. The book is a blend of survival, remorse, hope with a touch of adventure thrown in (but not much) as our main characters try to heal old wounds while finding a place in the future that's yet to be written.

Overall I liked Nella and Frank. They are a bit passive in the zombie world, not what you would think of when you think "survivor" but their background gives them a little more action. These are wounded people which gives them some depth. The secondary characters are all status quo: the gung-ho reporter, the lazy bureaucrats, a few well-meaning officials trying to follow the "law" while do what's right for the world, the evil scientists who are just misunderstood. There's a bit of a twist on the typical zombie infection which added a nice conflict for the survivors.

I think what kept this from being more than 3 stars from me is that it is so far removed from the apocalypse - I mean that's why I read apocalyptic fiction. It felt a little passive - no real risk. Even when there's potential for risk it just sort of passes them by. The end makes up for it a bit but it felt like a hail mary more than anything: something to give readers that boo factor.
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