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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2018
A department store and grocery stores did not have exactly what I needed, so I chose faithful Amazon to have them and for a cheaper price. I had to find exactly 13-watt, 2700K (kelvin), 900 Lumens, 2-pins straight type, twist and lock.
According to my ceiling light fixtures, I had to find GU 24 base and not use anything higher than 13-watts or it could cause a fire.
According to the description of these CFL bulbs sold from Econotone inc., these would be perfect. It is 800 Lumens (brightness), but that is okay. I did not know the brand name of these bulbs until I received the product. The light bulbs are from Halco Lighting Technologies in Norcross, Georgia, USA.
The 4-pack was mailed in a manila bubble-wrapped Amazon package envelope. Inside was additional bubble wrap around a white bag that contained the product in their original Halco box. The light bulbs were not damaged and they work great.
These Halco/ProLume CFL light bulbs were a replacement for my Sunpark CFL light bulbs.
These T2 mini-spiral bulbs are 13-watt, 800 Lumens last 10,000 hours and estimated energy cost is $1.57 per year.
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