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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2016
As a coach, I'm working with people to increase their professional performance. I have a scientific background in this topic and have gotten great results for my clients. But what's clear is that the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving the goals you want in your career are: 1) an impatience that causes you to doubt your ability to achieve your goals, and 2) a lack of feedback on strategy selection and execution that leaves you operating in a vacuum and results in strategy hopping or quitting too early.

Robert Greene's book addresses these issues not just with solutions, but with case studies that allow you to see how these principles work in reality. Henry Ford failed the first time he tried to manufacture a car? Buckminster Fuller was about to commit suicide because he felt like such a failure? Charles Darwin's father thought his son had no future or skills?

This is what real success looks like and I think for many, it will help them put their focus where it must be: on doing the work and finding a mentor or coach who can give you the necessary feedback for mastery. The things we often covet, such as fame or more money, won't get you to mastery directly, and even if you're successful at obtaining them without learning your trade, they won't mean very much (I have worked with plenty who prove that!). Mastery is the goal and this is a great book for getting there.
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