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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2018
I grabbed this thinking it would be fun for my school class (they like to play UNO at times). It really is a great version! We love the “invincible card” that throws the “Draw Four” or “Draw Two” back on the person who laid it. And then, for the two “house rules” cards, we decided to make it to where if you lay down the “house rules” card you get to choose someone to switch hands with. It really messes things up when someone calls “UNO!” And then the next person lays down a house rules card and trades hands with the person who only has one card left! It really puts a fun spin on the game. Another house rules we thought of was a “shrinking mushroom” which would have cut in half any “draw four” or “draw two” card that was put down. (I.e. if it’s a draw four, you only would have to draw two). However, the switching hands rule appealed to the kids more so that’s what we do for now.

Everybody loves Mario, and these cards are bright and fun, and the extra cards add a fun twist. They are a little smaller than regular Uno cards, I think, but you quickly get used to that. Great purchase, five stars!
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