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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2019
My wife and I just replaced our bathroom light fixtures. She said she wanted the brightest light bulbs I could find at a cheap price. These bulbs seemed to fit those requirements exactly. I installed the new light fixtures, loaded the new bulbs, and...

Ok, so, do you remember Clark Griswold's neighbors getting blinded by his Christmas lights? If bright is what you need, be careful what you wish for. After getting blasted in the face by the full illumination of these 6 bulbs, my wife made me get lower wattage bulbs from elsewhere in the house for our new fixtures. These bulbs made her react much the same way Julia Louise-Dreyfus did in Christmas Vacation.

So now our bathroom single-bulb covered vent lights have been loaded with these super bright bulbs (which needed to be brighter anyway), as have the bulbs in a few random table lamps around the house. Everything worked out well, and my wife and I are pleased to have the extra lumens where I installed them.

Only critical thing is I would guess these may be a little whiter than their advertised 3000K color temp. I expected a bit more incandescent warmth to the color tone, but these are more reminiscent of fluorescent lights, or possibly direct sunlight. Next time I order bulbs I think I'll look for a 2700K set. But since I have no way to measure color temp I'm giving Great Eagle the benefit of the doubt and the full 5 stars. And at least they're not blue.
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