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Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2020
Garages have always been a pain to light up. Builders put in minimal light sockets. Why should they do more? Most people only park their cars in the garage and few actually repair their lawnmowers and cars on their own.

Before LED our choices were fluorescent light bulbs, up 150-watt bulbs and halogen work lamps.

The flouresenct light tubes always failed in cold weather. The ballast would go out or the tube would darken at the ends requiring constant replacement. Halogen work lamps produce a lot of heat and could burn you and 150 bulbs overload the socket and could have reduced life expectancy due to heat.

Led in the 4-foot tube and this socket mounted projector lamp is an excellent combination for the garage. With a flick of a switch, and without delay or failure the LED lights come on. This new projector lamp allows you to broadcast light to specific areas. I should wear sunglasses in the garage now.
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