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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2018
I loved these books when I read them separately. They are even better when you can read them as a box set.

Her Highland Master
Zoey has been fired for supposedly revealing confidential client info, but she was framed. With her life in ruins she decides to take a week's break in Scotland. But it appears that her bad luck has followed her, as her rental breaks down in the wilds of Scotland. She arrives at the door of a mansion and is rescued by Jared and Declan. Declan offers to introduce her to his BDSM lifestyle. How will Zoey react?

To Master & Defend
Ophelia is in need of some good sex, so she goes out with a friend to a club. Her friend didn't tell her it was a BDSM club. Ophelia decides it isn't for her and tries to leave, but is grabbed by a drunk. She is rescued by a gladiator of a man. After collapsing in his arms and having her bruised face looked after by him, Ophelia initiates sex and has the best sex of her life. She slips away quietly afterwards, and doesn't realise until later that she didn't even know his name. Three months later Ophelia finds she is pregnant. She decides to tell her sister when she returns from Scotland, but then gets a message to say that Zoey isn't coming home. Feeling desperate, Ophelia flies to Scotland to see her sister. She can't believe her eyes when her mystery man walks in on her meeting with her sister. Ophelia fainted with shock, giving Tobias a fright as well.

Can Ophelia and Tobias build a relationship? What will he think about her pregnancy?

Two Doms For Kara
Kara has always thought that both of her business partners are hot, but unfortunately they are gay. The three of them head off to Scotland to manage a wedding for a billionaire, and to Kara's surprise Zeke and Chase tell her that they want to have a menage with her. This idea takes her a bit of getting used to. And then she discovers that the place they are staying at has a BDSM club in the basement. How is Kara going to take this?

His Driven Domme
Jesse is a race car driver who causes a bad racing accident after he takes prescribed pain killers. Months later, he still feels guilty about the accident and the guilt has even made it difficult to enjoy being a Dom. He is visiting Declan and Zoey when Lucy arrives to save her best friend from making a mistake by marrying Declan. Lucy comes to realise that Zoey and Declan belong together, but that leaves her all alone again.

Lucy decides to visit the club, but she is a Domme, not a sub. The man who attracts her is Jesse, but how can a Dom and a Domme pair up together? This book was a different slant on BDSM. Both main characters are haunted by incidents from their pasts.

Her Country Master
Elise is hoping that her work on Zoey's wedding dress will offset the damage being done to her business by a spiteful ex-client and a biased reporter. The stress of the disintegration of her business of destroying her health and mental well-being. Elise wants to try the DFC, but is only allowed if she is trained by Tyler, who is visiting Declan and Zoey. Elise has difficulty in giving up control, but Tyler helps her to learn to trust.

Love Me, Master Me
Delilah is singing at Declan and Zoey's wedding, but she is haunted by the continual put downs she has suffered for her weight and body shape. She sacked her manager/Dom/boyfriend after finding him cheating on her with a model. Bastian and his band are playing at the wedding. They are all Doms who will be using the DFC while they are there. Delilah decides to play as well and starts an on again, off again relationship with Bastian. Will her past make it difficult for her to trust again?

Submit To Me
Hunter has come to Scotland for Declan and Zoey's wedding. He is stunned to discover that Veronica is Declan's cousin, and tat she is attending the wedding. Declan had a romance with Veronica 10 years ago, but he put his career first and it didn't end well. What Hunter doesn't realise is that Veronica is a single mother with a 9 year old son. Hunter wants to restart their sexual relationship, and he doesn't understand why Veronica doesn't want to despite her body saying yes. Has Hunter changed, and can he put Veronica ahead of his career?

Her Wired Dom
Kat is a Prima ballerina who is starting to think about where her life is going. Will is a computer geek who has a very successful gaming company. He should be Kat's ideal dom, but he isn't prepared to get physical due to an incident in his past. Can Kat help him overcome his past?

These are all great books.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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