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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2019
These in ear canalphones have worked the best for me for the following reasons:
1. they are in ear canalphones. Meaning they go directly inside the ears, offering passive noise canceling. This differs from airpods, bose soundsport free, and powerbeats pro, which are only in ear and therefore you hear much of everything around you. I want passive noice canceling bc it allows me to walk in the subway without as much hearing the roaring/ screeching. It also allows you to listen with reduced volume. I have typically kept the Vistas at 50-25% volume, whereas airpods, bose, and powerbeats I needed it to be 75-100%. When they're silent in my ears, you still hear outside noise which is fine. I've been using passive noice canceling earbuds for years, so I'm use to keeping my head on a swivel so I don't get hit by a car or something.

2. sound quality is great (better than Jaybird run XT, in my subjective opinion), with options to customize with the equalizer.

3. comfortable to wear. This is subjective, but Ive been able to wear it for 3+ hrs without issue.

4. charging case is smaller than bose soundsport free, powerbeats pro, and jaybird run XT. From jaybird website, converted to inches (2.91" W x 1.44" H x 0.94" D). Compared to airpod case, from apple website (2.11" x 1.74" x 0.84"). Not too far off. Im able to fit into pocket easily. Case is also magnetic which jaybird run XT is not.

5. no Master/ Slave design. Many true wireless earbuds have a master/ slave design, where the right earbud connects to the phone, and then relays it to the left earbud. I found that it has led to many audio cutoffs making for a terrible experience. I found this in the bose soundsport free, and jaybird run XT. Jaybird Vista, like airpods and powerbeats have both earbuds that will connect to the phone, which allows for more consistent audio connection in my experience.

6. under $200. Currently powerbeats pro is $250, B&O beoplay $298-350, sennheiser momentum $299, bose soundsport free $199. Yes there are many known-brands that are under $200 (airpods, samsung galaxy buds, jabra elite true wireless, under armour true wireless, JBL free true wireless, etc); i just havent tried them, or they did poorly in comments #1, #4, and #5.

7. good microphone for voice/ video calls at the office or reasonable outdoor environment (coffee shop, walking outside).

8. passed the shirt test. Able to take off a tshirt without the earbuds flying out.

Areas that could improve.
1 more functionality with the single button. No options for previous track. Ive compensated most functions with my smartwatch for previous/ forward track, volume up/ down. The single button on the earbud I just use for pause/ play.
2 hmmm, i guess thats it. Will let you know if something else comes up.
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