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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2006
I love a good read, and many of the books I have loved recently have had a (Christian) spiritual element, including The River Why, The Brothers K, and Peace Like a River. However, this book and another I picked off of Amazon recently hit me like a rock with religious fervor from the first chapter:

"Molly looked at Joey now, golden-haired, his eyes adoringly on Jack as they considered the options at the pop machine. What they had was fine, wasn't it? They believed in God, in a distant sort of way. What harm was there in finding Him at a lake instead of in a few? Besides, they already had everything they needed."

I can just tell exactly where this story is going to go, and the sacharine-sweet religious moral that this story is going to hand me. Why am I so clueless about picking up on the "Christian Fiction" tag? No offense to those of you who enjoy this genre, but I wish it were more clear from the comments here what kind of a book this is. Like "This is Christian Fiction, so if you like that genre, you will love this book...."

Just my opinion.
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