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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2015
I watched this because I love (and lust after) Chris Messina, but it felt like someone shipped half of a movie by mistake. Just as it started to get going, the end credits rolled! It's a shame, too, because it had possibilities. Messina is one of our finest actors, and even with so little material, he made Davey interesting. I was uncomfortable watching him and his manic, party-animal style, and I thought for sure something bad would happen, but nothing ever did. Drama hinges on conflict that ultimately reveals a larger truth. But like so many indies, this film was an exact replica of real life, with no real artistic message. The conflict was mundane and there was nothing to be learned from it. (SPOILER ALERT) Davey's "big secret" wasn't all that big of a deal at all. He slept with his friend's wife while she was separated, YEARS before. And his other friend (not even the friend who was the husband) feels "betrayed" because he didn't know about it. It COULD have been a big deal and a real conflict had it been developed. You started to get a hint of that in the tearful scenes at the funeral between Davey and Kate, but then the end credits rolled! It was so abrupt, I said, "What? That was IT?" It felt like the movie was just starting when it ended. Messina is always excellent, so it's worth watching for him. But "Mystic River" this ain't.
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