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Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2020
I purchased this hesitantly after some research on it made me believe it was worth a shot given the low price. For reference, I have a 15’x15’ media room with no windows, a 110” white screen with a ceiling mount, a 7.1 surround system through a sony receiver; DirecTV and Apple TV connected. I don’t use this for gaming, don’t use 3D.

I replaced a 7yr old EPSON 5030ub I bought for around $2400 in 2013, which was acting up in operations and had developed other visual problems. The repairs plus a soon to be needed $300 EPSON bulb were going to cost more than buying this Optoma so I decided to give it a try given its price, reviews, and free returns. Opening the box it looked quite a bit cheaper than my Epson, with a fairly dinky remote and no real instructions to speak of. Using the same universal mount I put it up, powered on and went to work. It was fairly easy to flip the image and get into focus, and had some controls to get the tilt correct. Immediately I was struck with the brightness, which was better than what I had with the Epson. The picture was comparable and I frankly couldn’t tell the difference right out of the box.

After a week of watching various soccer matches, movies, and shows all of the viewers agreed it was just as good if not better than the Epson. There are a couple of deficiencies that I notice I doubt the rest of the family did, and frankly we don’t care. When it is just on a black screen, I can notice an ever so slight red tint to the black screen. Additionally if I shift my eyes rapidly I can see the ‘rainbow effect’ I’ve red about with DLP projectors such as this. But not noticeable for any of us watching regularly. I don’t believe this one has quite as depth of color as the Epson, and no doubt if I was to spend about 4x as much on a 3LCD Epson 4K projector the picture would likely be much better. However, for under $600 I believe this is a solid choice and am completely satisfied with the overall product. No-frills, but bright, with a sharp 1080p picture, quiet and easy operation, this one does the job just fine.
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