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Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2018
This is NOT a universal solution. It's important you know that before buying it. This cable is a very specific solution. It replaces somewhat expensive and cumbersome VGA -> HDMI solutions for the Dreamcast. It does not make your DC 100% HDMI compatible. If a game doesn't support VGA, it won't work with this cable either. The cable draws the RGB signals off of the VGA out and converts them and the audio into an HDMI compatible signal. That's it. It does not upscale. It does not convert non-compatible composite to HDMI. It is not being advertised well by Pound (they should be more forthcoming with the potential issues). What it *DOES* do is reduce the existing cable setup for VGA -> HDMI by a substantial amount. No wall warts. No patch cables between multiple boxes.

Single cable. No power requirement.
Longer than a lot of after market cables
Audio is handled without a second cable.
Cheaper than a VGA to HDMI setup for similar quality.

Requires VGA compatible games
No upscaler (so you get soft images on most modern TVs/monitors)
Somewhat dishonest box/advertising. Well, at the very least, misleading.
Because there's no upscaler, your TV *must* support 640x480
Some capture cards don't support the output stream (ex: El Gato HD)
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