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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2019
I would give this product ten stars if i could. These mirrors are large and sturdy and the swivel allows you to position it perfectly. The flat mirrors do not work.

My mom mentioned a couple weeks back that she was nervous driving the kids without being able to see them.

I had purchased one of these when my toddler was born (he is 2.5 now) and had been procrastinating placing the mirror in our new car. My husband bought two flat ones but these are dependent on positioning of the seat and move around so they were really ineffective. I brought out the so peep one (so easy to install) and ordered a second for the younger sibling.

Well not even a week into having them, while i was at work my mom was driving the kids home (also have a 10 mo old) she looked into the rearview and my toddler was turning red and he wasnt making a sound. She pulled over and turns out he had put a quarter in his mouth and it was obstructing his airway. She was able to get it dislodged and removed.

My kid could have suffocated and died before they made it home. This saved his life. Do not think twice about this product its worth every penny and more! Your kids life is priceless.
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