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Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2015
This book is great. As a mental health professional I would also recommend this book to those who are dealing with CPTSD as a result of having a narcissistic mother. Before I bought the book, I was concerned because of some of the negative reviews. However, this book is very comprehensive and feel that maybe those who gave the book a negative review may have not wanted to do the hard work.

I knew the book was right for me when I read the beginning. The book is to help you on your healing journey, not bash your family of origin. The book comes from a place of compassion. The book covers empirical evidence of the results of narcissistic mothers on their daughters. It gives a variety of clinical examples, as well as ways that you can see where your mother is on the narcism spectrum. It does into detail about some of the symptoms, feelings, and thoughts you may be experiencing as a result of childhood stresses/trauma.

The final part of the book is a guide for your healing journey. The work is incredibly difficult, but also incredibly rewarding! The only thing I wish McBride added was self-soothing techniques. I love the way she discusses taking alone time to think, journal, and process past experiences, but it does not provide any ways for calming down anxiety. I think many who read this might have PTSD, and there was not much information in this book about how those with trauma should approach exercises.

If you don't have any self-soothing techniques, you might want to develop one for working through this book--such as meditation and mindfulness. The writing exercises and steps she gives you are what a good therapist would recommend to process a stressful childhood. Like I said previous, it is NOT easy work, but it is REWARDING work. Very worth while. I have already bought this book for others.
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