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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2014
Bought this about three years ago as I need a fax for my work. I use it primarily for outgoing faxes maybe 150-160 pages a month. I have incoming faxes maybe 5 pages a month. This seems like pretty light duty to me. All was well until a couple of months ago when the machine just stopped faxing. The faxes would run through the machine into memory, the machine dials the number and connects but the faxed page count remains on 1. I have found if you turn it off and back on there is a good chance it will then fax. However you need to repeat this maneuver nearly every time you want to fax out. No error codes are displayed.

I called Brother tech support and other than blame the number I was faxing to (which works when you turn the machine on and off) they were of no help.

Now I paid $99 for the machine so in that context it has cost me about $2.75 a month which probably isn't too bad. I sincerely hope no one is considering paying the prices I see today of around $350.00 plus shipping for this device.

I've replaced it with a Brother 2840 which is $99.00 at least as of now. Amazon prices can vary wildly day to day.
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