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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2017
This is, by far, my all time favorite book. It meant, and still means, so much to me, especially as a woman. I was a single mother for most of my now adult daughter's life, and I was so desperately sad and lonely after my divorce with my husband/her stepdad (Our wedding, which was obviously well pre-planned, ended up being on the day of Princess Diana's funeral (9/6/1997) and our divorce was finalized on 9/11/2001 (yep, THE day)...There's my "sign"... Anyway, several years passed and I still just couldn't see a future....of anything, happiness, travel, love, ???...(other than going through the motions and working on being the best mother I could be)...I too, was 36 years old at this time. When my daughter was old enough to have a stable relationship with her biological father, I would have every other weekend alone. I used to go to the bookstore "Borders" every Friday night and I would walk aimlessly around the entire store, just looking for any sign, the next sign for the next move, for me... I prayed and prayed constantly, just not knowing what or where I needed to be... with my physical life, my spiritual life, my love life, my motherhood... and then I looked up. On the top shelf of the "newest releases" I saw the cover of "Eat, Pray, Love"... I INSTANTLY felt a "pull" if you will... Now normally, I would wander, grab a few books, & find a chair hidden in some lonely, quiet little alcove in the store, and sort through the items I'd selected to see if anything could help or just give me SOMETHING, ANYTHING for HOPE...but I grabbed this book from the shelf, read the back cover, ran to the checkout line and left the store to go home. Within reading the first chapter, I immediately found it gravitational, humorous, very easy to follow and read.... very spiritual, and somehow, someway, emotionally compatible and conducive to exactly what I was needing at the time. You instantly understand where Elizabeth Gilbert is coming from, what she's going through, and even her "fantasies", all with humor, compassion and a desire to continue "the journey with her". I was hooked. Every chapter, I was laughing, crying, dreaming, planning, petitioning, praying, and laughing again. Every chapter held me captive in all of my senses. You can feel everything she feels, you can taste everything she tastes (even her tears), you can see what she sees, you pray what she prays, her friends (and enemies) become yours, and you get to the end, and you're a different person. It's like the book emanates and "energy" right to you and through you, and you are left feeling HOPEFUL, alive, ready, stronger, wiser, more forgiving of others, and most importantly, yourself. You learn that they way you lean into and love God is between the two of you and no one else....that what you can't necessarily see, hear or touch, doesn't mean it isn't FULLY there, fully present with you, in all It's Glory. I've read it 7 times, all on different occasions and throughout different phases in my life...After months of reading it, when the next Christmas Season rolled around, I bought 13 copies and gave them to all of the closest women in my life. I'm now only a few months shy of age 48 (years young) and I'll read this book again and again...every time I read it I learn something new about the world, others, and myself...all through this amazing woman's courage to take a chance on simply sharing all of herself for one, amazing, adventurous, incredible year... what a gift. You'll never look at Italy, India, and Indonesia, with all of it's bounty, glory, and gods, the same again. I'm forever grateful and HIGHLY recommend this book. Oh! And 1 year ago (after 2 years of dating) I got the courage to say "Yes!" to the man of my dreams. :)
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